You HAVE TO uninstall Microsoft Teams NOW! It has the possibility of frying your computer!

Let me explain. Are you a student or a person at a job and your company/school works with Microsoft teams? Do you have the “Microsoft Teams classic” app or “Microsoft Teams (work or school )” app (downloaded from Microsoft website)? If so, your computer may fry itself. My computer almost fried itself from overheating due to the Microsoft Teams app. I never knew what happened or how it overheated. I had no viruses and I did not know how it overheated at the time of the event. Later on, when the computer was fixed, I had Microsoft teams open without anything else. My computer started to turn on its fans and get hot. As soon as I closed the teams app, the fans stopped (after 30sec). I was relieved and quickly uninstalled Microsoft Teams.

This was my story, but there are many more. Here are a couple more links in case you want to explore: , , and the funniest one:

Just like everyone else, my computer got so hot when I left teams open that it would not turn on anymore. It would not charge and in a rapid attempt to cool itself down, it significantly sped up its fans. I would also like to talk about some of the answers received and even a proposed solution (which sometimes works as others report) and how Microsoft is hiding that there even is a problem with their app.

Most of the answers suggest to check computer specs (which is totally nonsense, if your computer can run YouTube then it can run Teams), check fan dust and bloatware. Of course, none of these solutions actually work. The only one that did somewhat work was Eric C’s in the first link. He says to disable GPU acceleration in Teams’ settings and that should stop the problem. Others have reported that this solution does not work, so I will still have teams uninstalled and simply use the web version, Just click on the link, sign in and you are done. If you check the “funniest” link I mentioned, they have a “Microsoft Agent” on the problem, who does not know anything and suggests the same “restart your PC”, “remove bloatware”, etc. It is obvious that Microsoft probably does not care about fixing their issue with Teams and frying people’s computers. Remember that “Microsoft Agents” are “experts who are engaged by Microsoft to answer your questions.” Wow, such engagement so that none of your employees know the problem. It apparently seems that the “community” knows better than Microsoft.

The key point of this whole post is to uninstall Teams. Do it when you can, it only takes a few steps.

  1. Open Control panel (press Windows button and R at the same time and type “control” and press Enter key)
  2. In the top right, where it says “View By: Category”, click on category and choose “Large Icons”. It should now say: “View By: Large Icons”
  3. Click on “Programs and Features”
  4. Look for something like “Microsoft Teams (work or school)”
  5. Right click it and click “Uninstall”
  6. It should uninstall automatically with no window. If there is a window, just click “Next” button until the uninstall finishes.
  7. Done! You now no longer have Microsoft Teams.
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