How to install Linux Mint (dualboot with Windows)


Rufus: (direct link)

Linux Mint ISO: (direct link)

USB Drive


  1. Download the tools from the links.
  2. Open Rufus when it has downloaded
  3. Select “No”
  4. Choose the “Disk or ISO image” option
  5. Select the ISO you downloaded (Linux Mint)
  6. Make sure under “Partition Scheme” is MBR or it will not boot.
  7. Press Start and wait.
  8. After that, reboot your PC.
  9. To get in the bios, press the F2 or Delete key
  10. On modern BIOSes, there will be a Boot Override option. Select USB
  11. If you don’t have that option, then change your boot order so that your USB comes up first.
  12. For 11 only: Hit F10 and Yes and it should boot into Linux Mint.
  13. Press Enter to start it.
  14. It will start and you will see it with an install screen. Select your options until the install to disc options
  15. Select “Install alongside Windows”
  16. It will install now and ask for other stuff. Follow the instructions for setup.
  17. Once it has finished installing, it will restart.
  18. For 11 only: Unplug your USB else it will boot back to setup.
  19. Select Linux Mint or Windows. Done!